The Mars Conspiracy

September 22 2015. Defeat the global mind control program. DARPA and the CIA have spent trillions on R&D over decades to develop 4th dimension aether technology to enable global mind control. DARPA San Fransisco are most responsible. Michael Mikkelson of the Bandidos SBV chapter, currently in San Quentin, ran a R&D program of his own and discovered that cigarette filters are highly orgonic and can defeat the DARPA aetherware. Plug your ring with a butt to prevent "ghost in". A special mention to Alan Somers of the San Quentin staff for his assistance with the research. It was Caitlin Delaney that turned the tide with the orgone Purple Patch. For less than one cent we can break the camels back. Soak the filter in apple cider vinegar to increase ogonic charge. Filters made from wood spun flax are higher in charge than metal spun flax. In Austalia use Winfield or Ranch rolling filters. Check your local guides.

Another proof of life:



What happened to Belinda Kelly at Elimbah? Why was she left alone with a Mossad agent? Where is her body?

Why was Katelin Kelly put in the watchhouse at Cabolture? Why was she taken away by a senior Queensland Police officer and why did he beat her? How long will she be in Caboolture Hospital? Was that same officer part of the pedophile ring operating in Brisbane under the protection of Mossad and the CIA and are they using Queensland Police vehicles to transport underage girls to and from insiders?

Why is there a chanelling ring set up at Channel 7 studios on Mt Coot-tha and who are the four actresses that impersonate Katelin? Why is Amanda Ellison and Mary Kelly in Wacol prison? Why do Corrective Services keep feeding arrested Mossad agents who continue to organise the New World Order takeover?

Is CIA Director John Brennan inside Wacol and what is Caitlin Delaney doing inside the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre? Is the empty car space count at Langley mounting?

Will bitch nigger Barry the Prez finally admit his fuck up and hand over the Mars Mission contract to MarsGuitar?

MarsGuitar is alive and waiting for the CIA to make contact.

Proof of life: